Saturday, May 2, 2009

Citrusy Edamame

I am almost done with this darned Month of Veggies! This thing has taken two months, thanks to sickness and travel. I feel like the recipes this last week have been kind of random (the theme being "try something totally new", but how "totally new" is acorn squash to any kid? Squash is such a ubiquitous baby food). Last night's was Citrus Edamame. On the one hand - yum! I love edamame! On the other hand - is it a vegetable? Really? I mean, I guess it is, but I think of it as more of a bean/protein kind of food. So serving it on the side of Celeste's Mega Omega Fish Nuggets kind of felt like serving two proteins.

But - they were delicious! I love edamame, but have only had it in the pod and coated with salt. These edamame were light and tasty, and a great way to introduce them to Abby. She loved them! So did Lizzy! I cut the oil out of the recipe because SERIOUSLY, Parents Magazine, enough with the oil all over all of the vegetables!!

Citrus Edamame

2 cups frozen shelled edamame
1 tsp finely chopped orange peel
1 Tbsp orange juice

Cook the edamame according to package directions (for me, this was microwaving them for about 2 minutes. Easy!). Toss with the peel and juice and salt to taste. So fast and easy!

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Celeste said...

When I fed Neko the fish nuggets I also served it with edamame (weird) and also thought it didn't really seem like a veggie but rather a double protein.