Thursday, April 9, 2009

Month of Veggies - Another Break!

The girls and I came down with an awful tummy bug yesterday, so needless to say, Pumpkin Peanut Butter soup was about the furthest thing from my mind!

So in the meantime, Abby and I are spending some quality time with Pedialyte. She's not a fan of the Pedialyte Ice Pops, which I can't understand - they are about the only thing that sound good to me right now! Of course, Lizzy is probably starting to wonder why my milk tastes like "blue raspberry" (and how did that ever come to be an acceptable "flavor"? Blue? Really?). We hope to be on the mend quickly and back to our veggie-tryin' ways!

1 comment:

MaryAnne said...

My (picky eater) son doesn't like the Pedialyte pops either...

I think my mom used to make something like that soup, and it actually did taste good. But I wouldn't make it during a stomach bug!

Hope you all feel better soon!