Thursday, March 26, 2009

MoV, Day 3: Minty Peas

Last night was day 3 of our Month of Veggies, and up on the menu was Minty Peas.

But I wouldn't recommend them. I can't tell if Parents Magazine has some sort of deal with the cooking oil industry, but we (once again) found the recipe too oily. But beyond that, the texture of the wilted mint leaves with the peas was not our thing. Abby tried some (she LOVES peas), but gagged and spit them out. I didn't really care for them either.

I have much higher hopes for the Roasted Red Pepper soup we're trying tonight!


MaryAnne said...

Minty peas are very popular in the UK. we bought some when we first moved over there, and didn't care for them either - and we love normal peas!

Kara said...

I couldn't decide if it was the texture or the taste that put me off. I guess I like my peas plain :-)