Monday, January 11, 2010

The Great Veggie Burger Search!

As I begin another week of menu-planning (and thus another week of vegan and vegetarian recipe hunting), it occurs to me: What is missing from my life is a great veggie burger recipe.

I don't care if it's bean-based, grain-based, or vegetable-based, but I want a yummy burger that I can serve alongside hamburgers this summer. I'd love something that I can grill, but I understand the nature of the veggie burger often demands that it be pan-fried.

So... do you have a veggie burger recipe that you love that I should try? Please email me either the recipe or the link to your blogged recipe at kara at ittybittybistro dot com - I'd love to try out any and all recipes and give them a mention here!


C. Beth said...

My sister has a Black bean & millet burger recipe on her vegan blog; she says it's awesome! I tried making it with quinoa and it didn't stick together well; next time I will try millet.

Kara said...

Thanks, Beth - I have some millet lying around that I haven't known what to do with, so yay!