Friday, July 3, 2009

Swiss Chard and Parmesan Tart

My good friend Ana has started up a blog, Our Veggie Family, about feeding her vegetarian family. Ana has been vegetarian from birth, and is raising her two daughters vegetarian as well. Before I met Ana, I was completely unaware of vegetarian cuisine (to be fair, I was just graduated from college, too - I was pretty impressed with myself for knowing how to make a smoothie). I thought vegetarian cooking was basically "chicken and broccoli casserole - hold the chicken." Ana has introduced me to some fabulous dishes - and because of our numerous dinner parties (in our pre-kids days), I've acquired a nice collection of vegetarian cookbooks. We regularly go meatless for a few dinners a week, just because there are so many meat-free dishes out there that we love.

Ana's Swiss Chard and Parmesan Tart is one of my favorite's - my husband loves it too. I was psyched to see the recipe posted on her blog, since my written copy was lost long ago!

Mmm. I made my tart nice and garlicky. One bunch of swiss chard yielded as much chard as my tart shell could handle - I don't know how Ana can usually do two. Maybe I have a shallow tart pan? Maybe my Shaw's sells super-sized bunches of chard? Lizzy, my husband, and I happily ate up our dinner. Abby, though she was persuaded to try some because I told her it was Maia's favorite, had only about 5 bites. Oh well. That's 5 more bites of chard than she would normally eat, so ha!


burpandslurp said...

I'll have 5 bites times 1000. Oh my...with tarts like this, I really wouldn't mind being vegetarian at all!

Jenna said...

sounds great! just discovered a big HEB with a large organic produce section and one of the veggies they have every week is chard. sounds like a good way to prepare it!

watermelon coconut picture is up on kidappeal!