Sunday, March 29, 2009

Month of Veggies - Short Hiatus

I haven't given up on my Month of Veggies project. But right now, between two daughters, I am dealing with:

2 ear infections
2 colds
1 mysterious fever-causing virus
and 2 pink eyes (surely soon to be 4 pink eyes)

So until girls are feeling better and I can get to the store for the ingredients for the next veggie dishes on the menu, we're spending some time with some good friends:

The Heavy-Hitters

The Preventers

Mommy's Best Friend

I hope to resume our project within the next few days! The next dish on the menu is Crinkly Carrot Fries, which absolutely beg the question: who owns a crinkle cutter? I consider my kitchen pretty darned well-stocked, and I don't even know what a crinkle cutter is!


Heather said...

I'm sorry the kids are sick, thats the worst.

I just wanted to let you know, I LOVE my crinkle cutter. It makes homemade potato chips more fun, is great for cutting veggies before you steam them, and is a lot of fun for serving fruits, veggies, and cheese with a little flair!

Shannon said...

We too have a little one with a mysterious fever producing virusy thing. And his eye is pink but not crusty like pink eye? Hmmm, strange coincidence...

Oh, and I have a crinkle cutter from Pampered Chef and I love it because my 4 yo can use it to cut things like apples and it is pretty safe for him to use.

Kara said...

Clearly, I should look into a crinkle cutter! This is the first time a recipe has ever mentioned one, and I was mystified. Our carrot fries will be boringly straight for now :-)

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I don't consider my kitchen to be so well-stocked, but one thing we have is a crinkle cutter! I got mine from Pampered Chef, but I'm sure you can find them other places. Mine helps make our salads a little prettier, and I do like it for fries of all types. :)

Tia said...

Feel better! I am a big fan of the Gin myself...hee hee.

Sarah said...

Oh you really must get a crinkle cutter! They are so so fun!