Monday, March 2, 2009

Annie's Homegrown!

I LOVE a good bargain and am always so inspired by Mom's who are able to feed their family's on a low budget. Unfortunately (for my budget) I buy a lot of organic stuff. Its rare to find coupons or even a good deal on a lot of this stuff which means that my family of 3 regularly spends $150+ a week on groceries. I hope to find ways to get this down as much as I can.

I did, however, come across this GREAT deal online today on Annie's Homegrown organic whole wheat mac and cheese so how could I not share?

I got 12 - 6oz. boxes for $14.36! You have to sign up for Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" program but you can cancel anytime. I signed up for a "once every 6 months" subscription but plan to cancel as soon as I get my first shipment.

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There are other Annie's items that fall under this same promotion including cheddar bunnies! If you're an Annie's buyer go save yourself some money!


BECKY! said...

I honestly think $150 is probably really low for mostly organic shopping. That stuff is never on sale. I always get Cascadia Farms coupons and usually end up tossing them (since the stuff never goes on sale!). I'll try to get my act together and save them for you!

BTW, I got that Organic Glen Muir tomato sauce on a deal a while back - it was wicked good!

Celeste said...

Please save them for me!!!