Monday, February 16, 2009

Host Your Own Dinner Date!

Celeste and I have been doing dinner dates for almost 6 months now, and it is amazing to look back and see some of the things we've gotten Neko and Abby to try. More importantly, the girls have had fun breaking bread together every Wednesday night - and Celeste and I have had fun sharing a glass (or two...) of wine and some adult conversation! So clearly, we are big fans of the dinner date playdate.

And we think you should try it!

Invite a friend with kids over for dinner, whip something up, and blog about it! Share the recipe, share some pictures - and then share it with us. Let us know about your dinner date blog entry (and link to us in your entry :-), and we'll link to it from here. We'd love to see what other kids are trying!

Questions? Email us at:

kara at ittybittybistro dot com
celeste at ittybittybistro dot com

Now go plan a menu!

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