Friday, December 12, 2008

Recipe Re-Visit: Spinach-Alfredo Sauce

I wanted a quick and easy sauce to go over some tortellini tonight, so I decided to make the Spinach-Alfredo Sauce again. Lo and behold - no frozen spinach on hand! So I chucked in a few cubes of frozen zucchini and butternut squash puree that I have on hand for my youngest daughter. The result was a yummy sauce, full of veggies and cheesy goodness. If you have purees on hand for a young baby, try subbing in other vegetables for the spinach - you might be pleasantly surprised!

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Jen said...

My babies are past the puree stage, but I recently picked up a couple of jars of baby food veggies to throw in things to give an extra boost. Tonight I added carrots to chili.