Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peaches and Cream Parfait

Peaches and Cream Parfait
(serves 1)
Single serving container of yogurt (I used Stoneyfield Farms French Vanilla)

1/2 of a fresh peach

1/4c. granola or crunch cereal (I used Kashi GoLean Crunch)

Layer ingredients in a see through cup (I used a plastic party cup) so toddler can see the layers which will (hopefully) encourage eating to the bottom.

One thing I have had trouble getting Neko to eat is yogurt. She doesn't dislike it but isn't ever excited about it either. I tried to make it a bit more appealing with this parfait. Unfortunately she only made it halfway through before she was bored with it. Enh...I tried. :o)

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